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2000 1 Jan

How to contribute to this Blog

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Howdy anonymous! If you want to comment a story or post your own story this illustrated PDF will take you on a guided tour:
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Professionally the most successful experiences to me are those teaching and learning situations where the whole group is working enthusiastically and the spirit is good. I can also feel the flow with small pupils and that flow strengthens also the teacher in an amazing way!
I work as a Finnish school teacher and I have ten eager [...]

2011 27 Oct

A trip

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This autumn we made a trip with group of children to the farm which is nearby to our kindergarten. There is a café on that farm, they set up riding courses there and all kinds of different events. We prepaired the trip in advance with the kids, discussed what animals we will see there and [...]

2011 27 Oct

A white mohair dress

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In our school are more than before parents, who are very helpless and completely off their children´s everyday life. A child comes to school dressed up in a white mohair dress and she must to be so careful with the dress that she can´t play or do almost anything. Parents expect to get information in [...]

2011 27 Oct

A secret

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A memory from my childhood: every time I pass a snack bar I remember when my dad used to take me to the movies to watch Goofy and Uuno Turhapuro (a Finnish comedy character) on Sunday afternoons. I didn´t care so much of the Turhapuro films and either the sausages which were eaten after the movie, [...]

2011 27 Oct


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Hello to all the European colleagues. I am leaving here my story even though more than a story, what i am leaving are my doubts and hesitation. HAVE YOU EVER HAD A GIFTED CHILD IN YOUR CLASS?. I have been reading a lot and i know they use to have a a very fluid language [...]

 School bullying is a very common phenomenon these days and media talks lot of it. Will it ever end? Who knows. Hopefully, in our time of increasing knowledge and awareness, the problem is taking seriously, not just as project –thinking. Bullying leads to considerable suffering with those who become targets of it.
I became bullied at [...]

2011 27 Oct

Orange juice

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 In my childhood my grandparents often took care of me, as well as my aunt did. That time kindergartens were not so common, every child couldn`t get a place from the public day care. Although it isn´t always easy to get a day care place nowadays either because there are so many children who need [...]

2011 27 Oct

A young nanny

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 I still remember vividly when I first started as a young nanny in the kindergarten. How I enjoyed being and playing with children, and how quickly the children got used to me and came confidently close to me and to my lap. Childrens`s emotional reactions were so clearly seen that it was a little bit [...]

 Recently I have been thinking a lot how important it is that the co-operation with parents goes well. Extreme-parents are emphasized/highlighted in my current job, even though there are not so many of them. With extreme-parents I mean parents who don´t care how their children´s day has gone, or on the other hand those parents [...]

2011 27 Oct


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I guess this could have happened to anyone but, one year, explaining the unity in Christmas, I asked who were the Three Kings and a girl told me that they were Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia and Leticia. Because they are kings. I told them I was referring to those from the East, the Three Wise [...]

Children are very indiscreet. This is a story a mother told me. She says that her daughter is starting to be a "bigmouth." The other day they were in the elevator with a neighbor they don’t like or something like that. They were waiting to go up the three of them and the girl said [...]

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